What is Neurodivergence?

What is neurodivergence?

Neurodivergence is a variation of the human genome. This means someone who is neurodivergent has differences in thinking, attention, communicating, interacting and other mental functions.  Neurodivergence includes autism, ADHD, specific learning disabilities, OCD and Tourette’s.

Why come to a psychologist?

Neurodivergent people may require support with:

  • mental health (such as depression, anxiety, trauma-related conditions)

  • interoception differences (emotional dysregulation and understanding emotions)

  • executive function differences

  • communication differences and

  • relationship differences.

For example, Autistic people may be at a higher risk of trauma-related conditions such as PTSD.  Research also indicates that Neurodivergent people are at a higher risk for mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.  The most common anxiety disorders for autistic people include specific phobia’s (30%) and social anxiety and agoraphobia (up to 17%) (APA, 2022).

This is especially true if they have received a later diagnosis. A recent study found that 80% of autistic females were diagnosed after the age of 18, which may lead to a significant impact on their mental health (McCrossin, 2022).

‘Autistic people aren’t broken NeuroTypicals’

Neurodivergent Rebel


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